Meet the Teacher

I am really enjoying all of the people I have “met” in the teaching-blog world! Many teachers out there have a post like this one, so here is my own little “meet the teacher” post.

Let me start off with a fun story: The summer before my second grade year, my family moved to Abilene, TX. Moving to a new school can be scary, but thankfully I had the most amazing second grade teacher! She was the most peaceful, calming and gentle teacher you can imagine. Plus, I still have many memories of the great activities we did in her class…Her name was Mrs. Orr, and she was my hero. I wanted to be just like her!

Fast forward about 13 years…While attending Abilene Christian University, I met and dated Mason Orr. I quickly learned that he was related to THE Mrs. Orr. After our wonderful college days were over, Mason and I were married.

One of our wedding pictures…There are several “Mrs. Orrs” in this picture, but my favorite teacher, Mrs. Orr is on the far left-hand side.

A few more pics for fun…

Mason and I with our families.

We love traveling…

I am a big dog lover! Here are our two dogs, Charlie and Sadie.

Besides teaching, church and graduate school keep me pretty busy! We also love spending as much time with friends and family as we possibly can. Thank you for dropping by!


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