Itty Bitty Storage Containers

Don’t you love these tiny containers? I sure do! My school’s math coach suggested a fantastic use for these. Our district’s math curriculum is Investigations Math, and it includes many games where the students have to roll two dice.

Problem: Sometimes it drives me crazy when the kids roll their two dice and they fly to opposite sides of the room…

Solution: Roll the dice in this cute container! (There really is enough room for the dice to roll inside there.)

I love keeping these tiny dice boxes in a tub and they are instantly ready to pull out for games! By the way, I bought these at Dollar Tree. A pack of 8 for one dollar! Can’t beat that.

I also found these cute little colored ones at Staples, and I love using them to store play money to pull out for counting/games involving money. They hold a perfect amount.

I think purchasing storage containers is an addiction for all teachers, and I think these are especially hard to resist!


20 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Storage Containers

  1. My husband keeps telling me he's going to have an intervention for my storage container fettish!! I can't wait to try the dice idea. I also really like to use the gerbers plastic baby food containers for small storage needs. I work in the school-age room at a daycare and the infant room loves providing me with empty baby food containers! Great blog! Can't wait to read more 🙂


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