New Classroom Excitement!

Thank you to everyone who gave me advice about whether or not to create a reading rug area in my room next year! I appreciate all of your input!

So, my classroom is still a bit of a wreck! I have so much more to do, but it is coming along…First I have to finish unpacking all of my things and get myself reorganized. THEN I can begin doing all of the exciting things like decorating. So, to motivate myself, I purchased a few new fabrics for my room. I will let myself buy more fun things after I am totally unpacked!

I LOVE using different colorful fabrics as backgrounds for different boards. I start my year with mostly blank boards, then add as we learn.

Just a couple new ones…

I love this one from last year, so I will probably use it again for my CAFE menu and Word Wall again…

I’m inspired to get my new room in shape!


4 thoughts on “New Classroom Excitement!

  1. FACE is just like The CAFE literacy plan from The Cafe Book written by The Sisters. My team switched up the letters in CAFE to spell FACE and we called it “FACE of a reader” this year. It stands for Fluency, Accuracy, Comprehension and Expand Vocabulary.


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