Daily 5 + Smartboard = Love

I have already posted about some of my favorite Smartboard programs, but for this post I wanted to focus on Smartboard programs for students to do independently during the Daily 5. Typically I partnered students up so that each pair had 2 Daily 5 Rotations per week to use programs. Sometimes I created my own programs, but often I found that what I needed was already out there in the Smart Exchange.

**At first I was worried about the other students being distracted by students on the board, but after a week or so, it was not a problem!

I have put the exact names and pictures of the program. You can look them all up on The Smart Exchange. Here are my favs:

For Primary Grades:


Long O Word Sort:

(There are many more programs in this format with all the vowels.)

Plural Nouns:

Rhyming Activities:

Vowel Sort:

For Intermediate Grades:

Grade 3 Main Idea: (Really makes the practice more engaging :))

Guide Words: (could be for primary grades, too)

Incredible Inferences:

Parts of Speech Sort:


All of these could be used for various grades depending on the skill-level of the students you are working with! I love how Daily 5 allows for differentiating like this. Have you found any great programs to use during Daily 5?


8 thoughts on “Daily 5 + Smartboard = Love

  1. I wish I had a Smartboard, but I don't! This still inspires me in many ways, though! 🙂 I love how you split the post up into primary and intermediate grades, too.

    I just started my blog at love4thgrade.blogspot.com… and I love finding awesome teachers to follow! I am excited to now be following you here!



  2. I have technology envy! We got a grant last year for three Smartboards in our school, but they are all in extra rooms. I try to take my kids in once a week, but I would use it every minute if I had it in my class!!

    Thanks for sharing your finds with us!


  3. Hi Casey! I am now a follower of your blog. I am interesting in hearing more about how you implemented Smartboard use into the Daily 5. I have thought about doing that for a while (having the kids use the Smartboard in small group), but I have always felt that the rest of my students would be distracted. How did you practice this, so the students stayed on task? Also, do students work in groups or independently?

    Thanks so much!



  4. Hi! I would love to know more about how you implemented the Smartboard as well! This will be my first year with Daily 5, and I'm clueless. The first year I had my Smartboard, I used it as one of our workstation choices with similar notebook games/files, and it worked out pretty well, but I found that depending on my group of kiddos, it could end up being much more difficult than it was worth! My group this year seems to be much more in control of themselves, so here's hoping! My email is gayla311 AT yahoo DOT com
    Thanks for the great ideas!


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