Lunch Count Basket

So, this year, I have made the jump from having a class size of about 17-20 to having 26…Huge difference. My room is a bit smaller than before. No complaints, just facts. Instead of complaining I have just had to get more creative! I am working to use any organization or management trick I can find to make our day run as smoothly as possible. So here is one little thing that is working well for us…

Some lovely teachers on my hall have been using this idea for a few years to do the lunch count and take attendance. (Thanks Mrs. J & Mrs. S) It could not have been any easier or cheaper to make!

The lunch menu and daily choices are posted. Then, the students can just clip their numbered clothespin to the choices which are on all sides of the basket…

The black basket has a form for my “Lunch Counter” to fill out. It tells me how many orders to make and the names of any students who are absent, based on who did not put their clip up that day. They leave it on my desk making it very quick for me to put in the computer. (I LOVE not having to go count it all myself…the older students are wonderful at doing things like this as well as other class jobs!)

Something small like this works great for me because it doesn’t take up any bulletin board/wall space. So, any other tips or tricks for organization/management of big groups with limited space?


2 thoughts on “Lunch Count Basket

  1. Great idea! I did something similar last year and it saved so much time. We do lunch differently at my new school. Students only have one option.. Hot Lunch or Cold lunch (from home).. so I can't decide how to do my lunch system yet!


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