Anchor Chart Models

The school district I teach for has been very big on Daily 5 and Reading/Writing Workshop for about three years now. The younger grades usually go by the book with Daily 5. The intermediate grades do “Daily 3” (readers/writer’s workshop and some variation of word work).

So, now our 5th graders know the drill of the Daily 5 launching lessons. I knew I still needed to teach those lessons to set expectations, but I wanted to change it up.

Pinterest inspired me to do something different this year..I was loving the anchor charts that included pictures of students modeling the behaviors. I took that idea and ran with it. (Thank you to whoever in the world thought of it first!)

I had the kids work in teams to create their own lists of correct and incorrect behaviors. Then, they had to model the behaviors and take pictures. The students were quite literally “models” of the behavior! They had a blast, and thought they were just hilarious…We chose the best pictures to post on the anchor chart, so it was sort of a competition…I thought the kids did a great job!

They even gave away some of their tricks. 🙂 Like being sneaky and writing notes behind their book…

They also told me that they sometimes “fake read” when they lay down…I was happy to hear these little tidbits ha!

(Do you like how I used sticky notes to cover the prominent faces? Haha)


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