Weekly Favs: Vocabulit, a Mural, and Coffee

1. I love this mural that one of my student’s made for me based off of our History Alive curriculum. He has some real artistic talent, and I wanted to put it to use this year! It was perfect for teaching about Early English settlements in North America! (Sorry for the iphone pic.)

2. I heard from a few older grade bloggers that “Blood on the River” was a great book for 5th grade, and they were right! We are loving the story, and it is full of history…

3. VOCABULIT! Oh wow! Have you used this before? Okay, so I do not use very many printables, worksheets, workbooks etc. But, these are the best workbooks I have ever seen. Each lesson takes a page from a real, authentic piece of literature and then pulls 10 vocabulary words from that excerpt. There are seven excellent activities for each set of words. Word puzzles, parts of speech, sorting, synonyms, context clues, hink pinks, and more. The words are heavily reinforced, which is GREAT for our ELLs. They don’t learn word meanings from just 1 or 2 activities. These are new to me this year and I just love ’em! (And the best part is that the kids love them, too!)

4. Keurig Pumpkin Spice K-Cups …love that we have a Keurig to share at school!

Happy Friday Eve!!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Favs: Vocabulit, a Mural, and Coffee

  1. I am totally checking out that Vocabulit…I've never heard of it before. As for the pumpkin coffee…I don't do pumpkin or coffee!! 😉 With all the things I love about fall, you'd think pumpkin flavored things would be one of them, but I just don't like it. I do love my Keurig for hot chocolate though!


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