A Little Christmas Convincing!

I love being able to teach with Christmas themed materials! Have I said this before? I looked through our curriculum guide and the TEKS (Texas Standards) and picked out a few subjects the would integrate well with Christmas. I love doing this because I feel like the kids remember it better when it comes time to reteach or review.

So, today we began our first project! I wanted to begin teaching persuasion. We talked about persuasion in advertising and the tactics used.

Persuasion Chart

Then we watched Christmas commercials on this You Tube video and discussed the vocabulary on our chart. (“appeal to audience” is a hard concept, so I had to go over that a bit!)

Then, after our discussion. We moved into a writing activity. We talked about all the things we would need to do to try to persuade Santa Clause to bring us a particular gift. It was perfect for discussing ways to “appeal to your audience”…The kids were naturally great at coming up with ways to appeal to Santa by connecting what they already know about him! –Infering and Connecting! Love.

(PS-I think my Santa looks more frightened that jolly :))

Both anchor charts together…

We discussed beginning the letter by introducing ourselves, etc. By then, we had plenty of ideas to begin writing our letters! We finished our rough drafts, and tomorrow we will publish them and mount them on little decorated stockings. I am so ready to get some Christmas Kid Art up in my room!


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