Winter Break Reads and a Link-Up

I read and re-read a few professional books over the break that I thought I would share!

Making your Teaching Stick is a great little book, and its a quick read. It discusses how we often feel: that they are getting it for a bit but it doesn’t really stick for a long time…

Lori Oczkus has written a few great books, and this one did not disappoint. I had read parts of it two years ago, but really read it this time. It has so many good ideas that fuse reading and writing together, as it should be. Reading like writers and writing like readers.

I only read the “Building a Reading Life” book. Lucy Calkin’s book gives detailed descriptions of lessons that develop readers. She basically gives her script, but encourages you to put in your own words. I really loved her ideas, but I probably won’t do too much with it until next year.

Also, I am linking up to Secondary Solution’s Upper Grade Linky Party

Secondary Solutions

Check out some of the amazing upper-grade blogs!

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