A Day in My Shoes

I’m linking up with Katie Klohn’s “A Day in My Shoes”..So here it is…

6:00ish- Wake up, snuggle with my dogs for just a minute…Get ready, make breakfast and lunch and pack them both up.

7:00-I get to school around 7:00 AM. I almost always make oatmeal or smoothies and eat them at my desk at school. I check emails and listen to Ray LaMontange while eating. It is weird, but its just my little ritual…

7:45- Without fail, everyday, some of my students manage to sneak down to my room. We have little talks, and most days I don’t mind. The fact that they are happy to be there is a positive in my day.

8:00- The kids come in, announcements, lunch count, pledges, etc. My homeroom packs up and switches to their Math/Science class.

8:15- My other class comes in, I teach a mini lesson or introduce our literacy rotations (My little take on the Daily 5…w such a big class, we can’t do the whole go out and then come back to the rug, so we just rotate.)

8:35- Literacy Rotations…My kids rotate through stations that vary from day to day. They have “read to self” and guided reading group everyday. The other two rotations vary between grammar, word work, writing, etc. So, in the morning I meet with all 4 groups.

10:15-The kids go to specials. Lately I have had a meeting or parent conference almost everyday. My school loves us some data meetings, professional learnings, team collaborations etc. There is always something!

11:15- Meet kids in the hall and take them through the lunch line.

11:25- All 5th graders through the line, so then we get to eat. I’m not sure if this makes my school weird, but almost every single teacher, aide, etc eats in the lounge together every single day. I’ve been at schools where people don’t do this, but seriously I LOVE IT. The best laughs of my day come from here!!!

11:55- Pick up students, teach my non-homeroom kids again. This time a history lesson. Or sometimes my lessons are reading and history and they just all run together! 🙂

12:30-Switch classes, take my homeroom for a restroom break.

12:45-Teach Mini-lesson and begin literacy rotations.

2:25- Begin History Lesson Round 2!

3:00-Catch up on unfinished work, Announcements, pack up, sign “Communication logs” (discipline plan.)

3:10- RECESS!!!

3:25- Dismissal

After dismissal, I spend a bit of time procrastinating by talking to anyone and everyone! But then, I go work for an hour or so!

5:00- Leave school…sometimes I go to the gym…like twice a week on a good week…sometimes I go home and jog in my neighborhood.

6:00- I cook dinner while sweet husband unloads the dishwasher or folds laundry in the same room with me. We talk lots, and it is my favorite part of the day. It’s the little things. We eat together and then sometimes watch a show together….

7:00- I used to have to go and spend time working on grad school, but since I’ve finished that I just go off in my cave to watch horrible things on TV, like every BRAVO show and Teen Mom and Revenge. But I read, too, promise.

***Now here’s what a day in my shoes is like many many days…My husband’s family lives nearby, I have tons of family nearby, and I can convince my mom to come from out of town almost every week or two. (Cough, mom, it’s been almost two weeks, cough :)) So, about once a week there is a family event, dinner, visiting my grandmother, me and mom getting pedicures, or something like that going on. We are sort of familyholics, and I like it.

9:00ish–more time with the husband, clean up, snuggle with my puppies. Lights out at 10!!


It’s too Late, King George!

This video has been the best discovery of the week! A friend in my district shared this with me, so I used it to review with my kids. Its a bit goofy, but the lyrics really have a good bit of history built in! And oh the kids loved it! Between my two classes I have watched this no less than 12 times this week. Even if you don’t teach history, I’m sure you will find it entertaining!


Getting back into school has kept me from blogging much lately, but I’m jumping back in to join Farley’s “Currently.”

I love reading all of your posts, especially your OLWs…I have chosen a OLW in the past, but this year has been very difficult for me.

I have spent the last two years being EXTREMELY focused on school, grad school, data, research, assessments, etc. It has been very consuming. Is it bad that my first thought for OLW was “lighten up”? My master’s is finished, I’m in my groove at school and I feel like it is time for me to slow down and just ENJOY it all! So far, I have enjoyed being back at school very much, and I hope all of you are off to a great start in this new year!