Teach Sensory Details with Bacon!

One of the fifth grade TEKS (standards) in Texas is for students to identify how an author uses “sensory details”…It will most likely show up on our STAAR test. I LOVE this skill, because it is the perfect opportunity for our students to read like writers and write like readers, you know? They really have to think like an author! I have enjoyed working with them to locate ways the author uses sensory details in literature.
Anyhoo, we discussed how sensory details help us imagine how something would look, taste, smell etc. We used a sensory details graphic organizer to create a page in our reading notebooks. (wish I’d snapped a pic) This was all good, but I wanted to give the kids a super sensory *experience* that we could write about. I thought about many foods, and I decided that the experience of cooking and eating bacon is pretty darn appealing to all five senses!!
It was perfect, because you can use onomatopoeias to describe the cooking sound. Then, of course the smell…After that I made them write about the appearance and texture. Finally, we ate it!
**Here is my tip..I brought in a few slices of raw bacon to cook so they could hear the sizzling sound. For the rest, I brought pre-cooked “Microwave Ready” bacon. I just set it in the skillet for about 1 minute and it was hot and ready. It was very easy, and the kids have done well at remembering what sensory details are ever since!

12 thoughts on “Teach Sensory Details with Bacon!

  1. I team taught my science class with the middle school social studies teacher not too long ago. During part of his instruction, he was demonstrating a way to remember things. Since we were talking about bacon, he loves bacon, and Ms. Green (me) has hair that looks kind of like bacon- red and wavy. It was quite the twist, but they'll never forget Francis Bacon. 🙂


  2. I found you through the Fabulous 4th Grade Linky and I am now following you. Your site looks great, I can't wait to explore more of your wonderful ideas.

    I love what you did on your board. I created a sensory chart graphic organizer that would go great with your lesson. Check it out here:

    OR, come visit me at http://theresourcefulteacher.com


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