Biography Week- On a Beam of Light

On a Beam of Light by Jennifer Berne, is a biography of Albert Einstein. There are a few little reasons why I love this simple biography:
– This is shorter and easy to read aloud to a class in one sitting. It would be perfect for 3rd graders who are learning about biographies.
– This book does not use the term “dyslexia” or “disability,” but it does discuss his struggles with school. I’m a reading specialist by degree, so I appreciate anything that sends the message that you can be successful in life even if school is challenging for you. I like telling students with dyslexia about Albert Einstein.
-This book has a little science connection…Not super in-depth, but it mentions light, gravity, heat, magnetism, etc. But, you could totally connect it to one of those topics.
– The Author’s Note afterward has some fun additional information about Mr. Einstein. It has subheadings/subtitles…Those are discussed on STAAR tests so you can utilize the terminology.
– The illustrations are fabulous…Note that the page that discusses atoms uses a form of pointillism art. You could ask students if they notice that the illustrator did something differently on that page, see if they can make the connection.
– The author utilizes bold print and different colors of print. You can discuss why. (This is a topic that could totally come up on STAAR.)
On a Beam of Light is a great little biography to share with your children!

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