What We’re Reading Wednesday-Mickey Edition

We are all-things-Mickey over here lately. (Unless we flip our switch and become All-Things-Paw Patrol…but unfortunately we don’t have any Paw Patrol books.) So, as for reading life, we are currently very into Micky Mouse. While these might not win any awards for being stellar works of literature, they hold the attention of my two year old. Here are the four Mickey books we’ve been wearing out…
We only own one other book that plays animal sounds, but this is our only book that actually reads the whole story. I probably won’t invest a ton of money in other books like it, but it is pretty cool that Caroline has figured out how to press the picture that corresponds with each page so that it will read her the story. I also hear her playing with it in her bed in the morning while I continue drinking coffee. I like that. 
This board book gives reasons why each character loves Mickey. I love Mickey, too. However, I don’t like how this book yes “yup.” It actually spells it “yup.” But, Caroline likes it. 
I bought this book at SAMs right before Halloween, and we are STILL reading it regularly. It was a little cheaper at SAMS, but $8.99 on Amazon Prime is still a great deal on this book! I would highly recommend this one, because there are so many fun things to work on in this book. There are pages of shapes, numbers and colors. You can work on position words, and there are many action words you could work on describing in the pictures. The numerous flaps make it a great car book.
This is a really great first “look and find” book. Like the Halloween book, there are tons of things going on in the pictures, so there are many things to discuss and describe. This book has been very well loved! 

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