How I Saved this Smock from Major Stainage

So, if yesterday’s literature post was a “curriculum” post, then today is definitely a “cardigan”-type post. 😉 Just thought I’d share this little method, because I’m honestly shocked that it worked. This dress was in BAD shape.
Before I had time to pull out a bib, Little Miss Molly Kate grabbed a super juicy strawberry off my plate. At that point, I didn’t even bother messing with a bib. I just let her eat, and decided I’d figure it out later! (Also, by the end of the meal it looked way worse than this picture even shows, so I undressed her and carried her out of the restaurant in only bloomers.)
(This little House of Hatten smock is irreplaceable…and I know its a little frou-frou and goofy looking, but sometimes I just want to dress my baby like she’s a baby…smocked sleeves, ruffled bloomers and all.) 

Right when we got home I put straight blue dawn dish soap directly on the stained areas. I soaked the  soapy dress in cold water for two hours. After the soak, the stain had definitely started fading.
Next, I sprayed on a heavy dose of this Oxi Clean Laundry spray. I let it sit for another hour.
After washing, it came out perfectly clean!
I also have this Pleione shirt. This summer, it got doused with baby spit up. I washed it without any kind of stain treatment, and it came out looking like it had grease stains. I thought the shirt was ruined, for sure because the stain was set-in.  I used the blue dawn/water soak on it and rewashed it, and it all came out! 
Happy Washing!!!

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