What We’re Reading Wednesday- Farm Books!

Like many preschoolers, my daughter loves anything that has to do with farm animals. Over the last couple years we have acquired several farm books that look like this…
This Touch and Feel Farm book is super cheap on Amazon, and it gets the job done. Plus, the high- contrast colors in the pictures are really appealing to babies. 
We’ve loved this book, and others like it. However, the chick’s feathers are getting sticky, and there is definitely spit up on the dog’s fur. Also, I’m plain tired of reading it. So, I was thrilled a few weeks ago when Caroline discovered this book on her book shelf…
Published in 1992, this is an old classic now! It is full of colorful farm animal illustrations. Some of the funniest illustrations include an egg cracking on a girl’s head and a pig riding a school bus. Caroline thinks those are the funniest things ever, and I’m pretty excited to be reading her a book with a plot!
I think I remember my third grade teacher using this story for a sequencing lesson, because it is told non-sequentially, and by the end you’ve gathered the whole picture. It is also full of causes and effects, but for now I’m just enjoying reading the story with Caroline. (Even if it is our 85th time this week. :-))
A few of our other farm-book favorites all come in board book form and are very inexpensive…
The animal sounds are super fun, and it has great rhythm and rhyme.
By the author of Goodnight Moon, this book carries a sweet tone, and I swear it could lull me to sleep. It’s just a perfect little nighttime read for a farm-loving kid.

This old Dr. Seuss favorite is a quick and fun read!
What are your favorite farm books? 


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