What We’re Reading Wednesday-Old School Books

This week my big girl has been completely obsessed with some books straight out of my childhood. I feel goofy even posting these, because these books are classics and most everyone has heard of them. I’m keeping these posts true to what Caroline is actually requesting to read this week, and this week she’s been all about these classics.

Seeing Arthur makes me want a Juicy Juice Box from the old commercials on the PBS show? Anyone remember those? These two Arthur books are her absolute favorites right now, but she enjoys others as well. I wondered if some of these were even in print, and most all of the Arthur books can be purchased for pretty low prices on Amazon. Most of the books we’ve read have been ones my mother in law saved or books from the public library. Most of the libraries around us are full of these little treasures. I’ve also seen many of these at Half Price Books. 
Children love books that are reflective of their lives, hence the popularity of shows like Daniel Tiger…they’re relatable to young children! The Arthur books are a bit older, but still have that appeal. “Mommy Artur eat dinner wiff his family and I eat dinner wiff my family…Artur got a baby sister and I got a baby sister.” Caroline likes connecting with these books, and I’m just happy to be reading more books with plots!

This book. We’ve read it so.many.times. This is an old classic full of pigs, cats and bunnies, and it really is such a great book for beginning to count! 
Happy Reading!

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