Our Favorite Potty Training Books

I originally posted this on my other blog before deciding to consolidate….When I wrote this originally, we had not potty trained. I’m pleased to say that we’ve now survived potty training our oldest, and these books still remain some of our favorites. 😉  The rest of the post is still written from our pre-training perspective! 

Elmo’s little potty book provides lots and lots of flaps to lift, which is fun. Caroline has read this book more than any of the others, and I’m glad because it has been my favorite, too. A few reasons why…
-The detailed pictures can allow you to practice identifying TONS of other day to day objects. Lots of things to practice describing under the pictures.
– Albie has an accident in the book, and he isn’t shamed. I want her to be aware that accidents happen.
-Elmo appears to be fully potty trained and is successful.
-Baby Jo Jo still wears diapers, and changing her diaper is part of the book. Shows contrast between babies who need diapers, kids who are learning, and kids like Elmo who have pretty much mastered it all.

Like many Karen Katz books, this book has flaps. It also rhymes, which kids always love. Like the Elmo book, this one also describes having an accident and trying again.
Oh y’all. I hesitate to even post this one, because it says “panties” so.many.times. And, I know what a strong aversion many people have to that word. I get it. It’s not my favorite either. However, this book has probably made her more excited about potty training than any of the others. She asks to where the said article of clothing at least 6 times per day. So, if you’re looking to pump them up, then this book is great. It could also be a great white elephant gift, so do with it what you choose.
*For reference, I wanted to add that all of these books are board books.

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