Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken

Buffalo Chicken is the meal most requested by my husband. Thankfully, it is also the #1 easiest thing I make in the Instant Pot. I can hardly call it a recipe, because you really don’t even have to measure anything! I use this same method for bar-b-que chicken and salsa chicken, too! I hope you enjoy!



  • 2-3 lbs of chicken breasts (I almost always do 3 lbs to have plenty of leftovers!)
  • 1/2 a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Wing Sauce
  • a big shake of garlic powder (about a teaspoon if you must measure!)
  • a big shake of onion powder

*You can also use a packet of dry ranch powder, which is delicious, but the recipe is cleaner this way. 😉


  1. Place chicken breasts in the Instant Pot.
  2. Pour wing sauce and seasonings over it. Stir.
  3. Put on lid. Seal. Hit “Poultry” and cook for the recommended 15 minutes. (It takes about 25 minutes when you add the time to heat up.)
  4. Depressurize, remove lid, and shred with two forks.

This is great served on baked potatoes or sandwich buns! Hawaiian rolls are especially good with the spicy chicken. Other great toppings are blue cheese or ranch, chives, pickles, etc! Sky’s the limit.


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