Instant Pot Resources for Beginners

I have had several friends tell me they just got an Instant Pot for Christmas, so I thought I would share a few great lists/blog posts with great advice for newbies.

  1. This post from Fort Worth Moms Blog. I really like their advice on starting small with a recipe such as salsa chicken.
  2. This article from Mariano’s Kitchen has a lot of great details if you want more information on the pot itself.
  3. This article from Pressure Cooker Recipes is one of the best resources…it has tons of great pictures to show you how to get started. Check it out!!


Last, but not least, I wanted to give you all a little encouragement /advice through my Instant Pot mistakes!

  1. The first time I made beans in the Instant Pot I opened and closed the pot 3 different times, because each time I hadn’t cooked them long enough to be tender. The first few times I made a roast I had to do the same thing because it wasn’t tender enough. But, what I found is that foods that are typically slow cooked are very forgiving if you need to close the pot and cook a little longer.
  2. The one pot pasta dishes aren’t so forgiving- you sort of get one shot and if it’s over or under cooked, your done. I had to throw out an entire batch of beef stroganoff one time, and it took me several tries on my Cajun Chicken Pasta to get it right.
  3. The little guide book that comes with the Instant Pot has great charts for cook times. With grains and rice it seems to always be exactly right for cook times. But, when cooking any type of meat you kind of have to factor in the size of your roast, pork loin, etc. There’s a big difference between a roast and beef tips. If you’re cooking really large pieces of meat, you may need longer than the guide book says.


Thanks for reading!! I hope to get more recipes up on the blog each week, but sometimes it takes me a couple of tries to get it written concisely! I would love to hear any of your favorite recipes, tips, tricks, etc!


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