Friday Favorites

Linking up today for some Friday Favorites!

friday favorites flower look.jpeg

I’ve posted a few of my favorite things this week already, including my favorite instant pot chicken method.

Chicken Tacos.jpg

And, one of my favorite teaching strategies to use in guided reading groups, intervention, etc.!

Manipulatives 1.jpg

Another favorite from this past week was going to Disney on Ice!!! I don’t have many pictures of the show, but it was great! Even my one-year-old was very into it for most of the show. (The giant tub of popcorn helped.)

unnamed (4).jpg

Recently I made my first purchase on I got both girls a new pair of light pink natives for under $25 each! I thought that was a great deal, and I also received a percentage off because it was my first time to order. The light pink are not on sale at the moment, but there are other colors and styles around $25. Great deals on our fav shoes!



Last, but not least, my baby girl in my favorite little Cath Kidston rose dress is one of the sweetest things to me. My father-in-law bought it for my oldest on a trip to London before she was even born. Now both of my babies have worn it. (and I just love her toddler belly in this pic.) Sweet sweet.

unnamed (2).jpg

Happy Friday, Friends!


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